Thursday, March 29, 2007

April Projects! Toddler Club

This months projects are all about spring, and we think we have a really fun selection for you this month.

Project # 1-- Cute as a bug coin purse
We thought these glitter rub ons were just adorable.

The coin purse pictured here was not available, so the one your child received will look lik the round one belowIn addition to the coin purse, you received a sheet of glitter rub ons, and a craft stick. The rub ons come with a sheet of protective plastic. The rub ons themselves are very sticky, so it's a good idea to leave the plastic in place until you're ready to apply them to the fabric. This project will work best, and be the most unique if you cut out each bug, rather than trying to apply them from the sheet as-is. When you're ready to apply your bug, just peel off the protective sheet, put the transfer onto the fabric, paper side up, and rub gently with the craft stick. Be sure your child has rubbed the entire area, then peel the paper away. Don't forget to decorate both sides of the purse!
Project #2 -- Paper Bag Bird Puppets
Your little one will have fun deciding where to place the colorful foam pieces, and applying the glue. Don't be too worried about perfect placement, your toddler will be more proud if they come up with the "design" themselves.

Project #3 Rainy Day Sticker Sheets

We thought these stickers were adorable, and the toddler in our house agreed... he went through a whole package of these after the shipment arrived earlier this month. These sheets have so many stickers, they are great entertainment when you need to keep a small child busy away from home. (like while waiting for dinner at a restaurant!)