Thursday, March 29, 2007

April Projects! Kids Club

This month's projects are a lot of fun. Our theme this month is birds and bugs. We hope your child will really enjoy this month's crafts!

Project #1 -- Paper Bag Bird Puppet

This project was a lot of fun. Each puppet comes with exact directions on how to arrange the decorative pieces, however, my four year old had a lot of fun just putting the pieces on in ways that he liked them... he gave one bird "sunglasses".

Project #2 -- Marabou Bird Pen

This is a really simple project, that only requires a little bit of gluing, but your child is sure to be happy with the end result!

Project#3 -- Bird Feeder

Another very simple project. Your child is sure to be proud of the results, especially once it is hanging in your yard!

Project #4 -- Bird House

The instructions for this craft reference a hot glue gun, however we were able to assemble this craft very easily with regular school glue. Follow the directions as they are for building the floor, and then let it dry a little bit (maybe 20 minutes). I would recommend adding the flowers and the black foam circle to the front before attaching it to the floor. This can dry along with the floor. Once we attached the front and back of the house to the floor, we let it dry while propped up (we just used our bottle of glue to let the walls have something to lean against. The roof went on very easily, and you should be able to do the whole roof at once, without waiting for each stick to dry before adding the next.

Project # 5 -- Cute as a bug coin purse

We thought these glitter rub ons were just adorable.
The coin purse pictured here was not available, so the one your child received will look lik the round one below

In addition to the coin purse, you received a sheet of glitter rub ons, and a craft stick. The rub ons come with a sheet of protective plastic. The rub ons themselves are very sticky, so it's a good idea to leave the plastic in place until you're ready to apply them to the fabric. This project will work best, and be the most unique if you cut out each bug, rather than trying to apply them from the sheet as-is. When you're ready to apply your bug, just peel off the protective sheet, put the transfer onto the fabric, paper side up, and rub gently with the craft stick. Be sure your child has rubbed the entire area, then peel the paper away. Don't forget to decorate both sides of the purse!