Thursday, November 30, 2006

Happy Holidays! December Toddler Craft Projects

Project #1 -- 3D Christmas Tree Ornaments
This fun project will allow even your littlest crafters to create an ornament that will hang on your tree for years to come. With a full 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of stickers to decorate these with, you'll have more than enough to decorate these cute trees, and you can use the leftovers to decorate your felt stocking

Project #2 -- Lacing Felt Stocking
A great first needle and thread project, you can also use materials you have at home to embellish this stocking. One great idea? Use the leftover stickers from Project #1

Project #3 -- Santa or Snowman Tote Bag
This is a very simple gluing project, which your child is sure to enjoy. For foam projects, our favorite glue is

You can buy this glue at any craft store, or at Wal Mart.

Happy Holidays! December Kids Craft Projects

It's hard to believe that December is already here! We have some really fun projects picked out to help you celebrate the holiday season!

Project #1 -- Lacing Felt Stocking This is a great project for some early needle and thread experience for your little crafter. Plus, you can embellish the stocking in lots of fun ways with items from your home. Use stickers, buttons, small pieces of candy, paint, markers, and have fun decorating this stocking to make it your own!

Project #2 -- Santa or Snowman Tote Bag. We offered this project through Family Circle Magazine last year and it was a huge hit. Your child will receive either the Santa or the Snowman (we were very surprised last year that the snowman was the more popular choice). We don't do a lot of these foam projects, because of the drying time needed with regular glue. We usually recommend either using glue dots, or at home, we use this great crafting glue

You can get this glue at any craft store, or in the craft section at Wal Mart. It's really terrific.

Project #3 Santa or Reindeer Snap Bracelets -- Your child will receive either Santa or the Reindeer. We thought this adorable project was perfect for this time of year

Project #4 -- Embossed Foil Greeting Card -- These embossed foil projects are a new favorite of mine. Your child will receive either the snowman or the Candy Cane. Each project comes with a wooden stylus for tracing the design, but I find that a ball point pen actually works better, the stylus can tend to rip the paper.

Project #5 -- Santa Glove Ornament -- Ornaments are my favorite type of Christmas craft project. These special items made by your child will bring you happy memories every holiday season. I thought this ornament was particularly adorable and unique.