Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fun Thanksgiving Links

Here are some fun activities that your child might also enjoy!

November Toddler Kits

Project #1 -- Create a Turkey Stickers -- Your little one will have lots of fun with this adorable set of Turkey StickersProject #2 Fall Leaves Tree -- The tissue paper leaves will be fun for your child to crinkle and attach to the foam tree. What a fun centerpiece for Thanksgiving dinner!
Project #3 -- Cornucopia Paper Plate -- This colorful decoration will be a lot of fun for your child, they will enjoy naming the colors, and the different fruits and vegetables while attaching them to the plates. The foam pieces do take some time for the glue to dry, so your child will need to be patient while waiting to hang this up.
Project #4 -- Color a Thanksgiving Placemat

November Kids Kits

The November Kids Kits are here! They should be going out in Monday's Mail, and you can expect to receive them shortly thereafter.

Project #1 -- 3D pumpkin Wreath. I don't have a photo of this one, but it is a great project, and I'm sure that your child is going to enjoy it.

Project #2 -- Felt Fall Coasters
I thought this project was a really unique one, and I think your child will think it is really fun.

Project #3 -- Color a Fall Puzzle

We don't usually do a lot of coloring projects in the Kids Club, but I thought these were adorable. Project #4 -- Fall Leaf String Art

I think these string art projects are always a lot of fun for everyone, and I thought this one was really unique.

Project #5 -- Pilgrim Paper Plates

I think these are a really cute holiday decoration. A couple of notes on working with foam pieces. Glue dots (available at any craft store, or Wal-Mart) will help to secure the pieces while you wait for the glue to dry. If you are using Elmer's glue, your child will need to be patient, because it does take a while for these to dry.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!